Eeepc in a Fishing Bag

Intro: Eeepc in a Fishing Bag

I recently had to change work position and had to give the laptop back to the boss.
I wanted a laptop but didn't want to pay to much : asus eeepc was perfect for me 250 $ + 20$ for memory upgrade.
Then i wanted to take it everywhere but didn't want to break it.
I found this terrific but it seemed difficult to make.
In a sport shop i found the rapala sling bag. You can put the eeepc into the inside the plastic lure box so can you can even take the eeepc under the rain.
The bag can absorb shock if it falls.

And ... you can use the eeepc directly in the bag when outdoor or on the bag indoor.

Still a problem to use the eeepc in the sunlight. The solution is perhaps a derivative of this



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