Elderberry Blossom Syrup

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Very refreshing elderberry syrup.

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Step 1: Elderberryblossom Syrup

Elderberry blossoms are one of my favorite aroma's. And it is super with Gin.

This recipe is a cold infusion, which preserves the taste to the best.

What you need :

60 elderberry blossoms

8 lemons, cut into large pieces

240 g citric acid

3 l water

3 kg Sugar

How to prepare :

Pick the blossoms at the right time. In Belgium this is from the middle of May to the middle of June. Do not wash the blossoms.

Place all the ingredients in a large pot and let it sit there for 2 days.

Sieve through a cloth and poor the liquid in freezable boxes.

You can keep the elderberryblossom syrup for a year in the freezer.

Serving tips :

equal parts of gin, the syrup and sparkling water, with some ice

or ice water with a dash of the syrup on a hot summer day.

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