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This will show you how to make a small theft proof safe

Step 1: Dismantling

pull off the back panel it will bend because there are little ridges on the frame holding in. then remove the plastic piece that holds the brushes in. then remove the Axel, and bend the edge of the casing out, so you can re-assembly it.

Step 2: Reassembly

take the bent back price and flatten it out and push it into place, next put a dab of super glue in the top and insert a small price of wire. it should be the same size and color as the originally, if you want just cut the top of the original. I didn't have the time so I just glued a price of wire in.

Step 3: Your Done

now all you do is pull of the back price and it is a contained big enough to hold micro SD cards, flash drives and any other small items. other things you can do is break out the magnets for more space although it should not affect anything you put in it.



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    5 years ago

    stupidloud is correct about that, if you are worried just remove the magnets which can be messy but it will remove the risk.


    5 years ago

    Magnets would most definitely affect micro SD cards or any other electronics

    1 reply

    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Flash type media is magnetically stable, spinning hard drives and floppy discs are not. Jump drives, SD cards, memory sticks have no magnetic read or write processes, so magnetic fields won't hurt them. My phone case has a very strong magnet on it, no issues at all.