Electronic Telescope Eyepiece




in this instructable, i will show you how to modify a cheap webcam to act as an electronic eyepiece for a telescope.

Step 1: Materials

webcam(i got mine for less than 6 dollars on amazon.com)

35mm film canister

small project box

optional: male to female usb cord

tools: drill

hack saw


Step 2: Prepare the Webcam

remove webcam case and remove lens from webcam. 

Step 3: Assemble

drill hole in project box lid for webcam chip.

place webcam board level on the inside of the project box lid with the chip centered.

cut out the bottom of the film canister.

center TOP of film canister on the outside of the project box lid.

hotglue webcam and film canister in place.

saw a notch in the project box for webcam cable.

hotglue cable in place and close the project box.

Step 4: Using It

put film canister in your telescopes eyepiece holder.

plug usb cable into computer(optional: use male to female usb cable to extend the webcam cable)

open your webcam software.

focus on a bright star.

I hope you enjoyed this instructable and please vote for it for the celestron space challenge.



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    2 years ago

    I'have this on my scope whit 12mps from phone, and image is cristal clear, those thing on my balcony on 29flour building and whit 2m cable conectt on laptop screan whit 2048 x 1536,when I'using computer like now 7:37am,simply disconnect this.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Good job.
    A really good webcam for astronomy is the Philips Too Cam Pro.
    You can unscrew the lens and
    you can use metal lathe on a piece of bronze to screw it inside and fit itself in your telescopes holder.
    Another good webcam is the Quickcam B/N: very good ccd, but... the product is now discontinued.

    Black Sky for you :-) and good observation.

    1 reply

    hey thanks for the information i will have to look at those webcams. this project was just a prototype, but i'm glad you liked it, thank you.