Embroidery for a Bib and Burp Cloth Set.



Introduction: Embroidery for a Bib and Burp Cloth Set.

We have babies due in the family and so I am thinking of little things needed. I was working in the sewing room at the TechShop http://www.techshop.ws when inspiration struck.
I bought a ten pack of diapers for making into burp cloths, and I bought a pack of bibs from Ikea. Making a matched set seemed the thing to do.  

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Step 1:

One of my granddaughters said she wanted robots for her birthday and I found this cute little line of robots to put on an apron for her. I liked them so much I decided to put them on a burp cloth and a bib as a set. The second photo is of the apron. I decided to leave off the metalic grins, eyes and bellies - thinking this made the design more 'babyish'.

Step 2:

I chose the threads from the communal box at the TechShop http://www.techshop.ws
 I did the full row of 5 on the burp cloth. I measured just the first 3 robots to get the length for putting them on the bib. I centered my work according to the finished measurement of just 3 robots.
I used stabilizer under both, and added a water soluble stabilizer over the top of the bib since it is terry and stretchy. Putting water soluble stabilizer over that combination makes it flow better and then I don't have to pull against the stretch of the bib to remove the stabilizer - it washes away in the laundry.

Step 3:

All that was required, was to watch the machine do its thing, change the threads when needed and prompted. Really the hardest part of the whole process is hooping what ever you are working on.

Step 4:

Once it was done, I snipped threads. I tore away the tear away, and ran them through the wash to dissolve that water soluble sheet on the bib. Then I sewed a ribbon to both ends of the burp cloth

Step 5:

All done and ready for the next baby shower.
And here's a second set I did.

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