Emergency Christmas Tree Replacement

Introduction: Emergency Christmas Tree Replacement

Christmas eve tree disaster...need immediate simple replacement

Step 1: Hopefully Your Lights Survived. I Used Those, Ornament Hangers, Tacky Removable Poster Stuff and an Occasional Nail

gather the objects, I found the ornament hangers above to be ideal

Step 2: Pick a Location

Accept you will need to use at least one nail to build from. Estimate size you hope for and center the nail

Step 3: The Star

My star had a hole I could directly insert nail into. I started all my lights from behind it and used it to hide the starting point.

Step 4: Pencil in or Visualize Tree Outline.

At each outline point give yourself a hook. Because the weight of the lights to make the size if my tree I put a nail thru the hike in the hook and putty being part of the hook to push it forward so lights didn't touch wall

Step 5: Tree Outline

doesn't need to be perfect, it will be filled in

Step 6: Make Rows

make rows for Christmas tree fullness. any place cord is two long before lights start I used twist ties to shorten. you can color to match cord if choose.

Step 7: Start Doing Diagnals

Think of these as the actual tree lights. Be sure to hit the lights so you can draw Diana's from the various outline . the clips I used allowed the outline on the bottom of the hook and the criss cross in a higher hoop.

Step 8: After Tree Done, Pick a Spot to Draw Lights Out Toward an Outlet.

Pull it out do it doesn't mess up your tree line then plug in. Be relieved that you once again have a tree to put presents under

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    We had no room for a tree. We had an extra string of lights from decorating outside, so I went ahead and made a tree on a blank wall. Before I knew it all the gifts collected around it. I hung an angel ornament on the wall above the tree and then ornaments throughout the tree. I loved it.