Emergency Face Scrub




Introduction: Emergency Face Scrub

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This face scrub is what I've been using for a few months now. I never have face scrub on hand - lots of the nice ones I used before included the shells of nuts. With a nut allergy in the house I figured I should pass on those. ;)

Corn meal is a really nice exfoliant - much nicer than putting sugar or salt on your face. :D It's comparable to the apricot scrub that's so popular.

Step 1: What You'll Need

- your favorite face soap (can be creamy or more of a gel)
- about two pinches of corn meal

Step 2: Combine and Scrub!

Put the soap in the palm of your hand and add enough corn meal so that the mix is gritty but still fluid. :)

Mix with your fingers and use immediately!

It's not something you can prepare beforehand because the corn meal soaks up moisture so well. But it is a really excellent fix for dry skin. :D



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    Oh, that's nice. Years ago during my flight attendant days i was told about a good exfoliant at 35,000 feet. 5-7 packs of granular sugar in your palm, squeeze the juice of 1/2 lemon, scrub-a-dub. Rinse with a club soda...wow. As smooth as a stripper's skin.

    I make a lot of my own home/skin care products and I've never thought of using corn meal. What a great idea!

    I use a blend of dried lavender flowers, dried rose petals and oatmeal. I blend each separately in the blender, then mix equal parts together in a little jar that I keep in my medicine cabinet. I take a pinch of the mixture, place it in the palm of my hand, add a little water and exfoliate away. You can contact local flower shops for the dried flowers as they throw away dead/dying flowers so you might be able to score them for free. :)

    You don't have to use the above mentioned flowers, you can try different varieties based on color/smell. Maybe marigold petals for a men's scrub?

    It works very well for sensitive skin. There are times I find it's not exfoliating enough and mix some jojoba oil in, instead of water (which softens the petals & oatmeal). Jojoba oil is also very good for all skin types as it has the same pH levels.

    If you suffer from sensitive skin issues I'd suggest trying the Oil Cleansing Method for washing your face, using jojoba oil (and maybe a bit of castor oil if you have oily skin too). I've told many friends and family members with varying skin types about OCM and using jojoba oil for washing your face, they've all had great results and have ditched store bought cleansers altogether.

    Honey and cinnamon mixed with the cornmeal wd wrk wl, too...and they are very good for your health.

    God what does that smell like. olive oil and salt or sugar do a by far better job.

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    It smells like nothing, actually. :)

    The reason I don't do salt or sugar is because I have sensitive skin and they're waaaaaay too abrasive for me, even when I try to be gentle.

    Get rid of acne

    I do the sugar scrub (occasionally). I like the way my skin feels afterwards. Just sugar in a container, enough water to make a paste.

    Do you know I never EVER thought about a nut allergy and the face scrubs, I'm passing this on to others I know who work with kids with major allergies!