Emergency Flame With a Zippo





Introduction: Emergency Flame With a Zippo

this is a great way to get a single flame with a zippo lighter and just one other item. read on.....

to show what this process can do,i started this fire using this method.

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Step 1: Items.

1.zippo with a flint FUEL NOT NEEDED!!!!!!!!!!
2.some tag,axe,other flamable substance that is sprayable.

that's it!!!!

this is about as big a flame as i can get from this method.

Step 2: What to Do

1.simply spray the axe(or whatever you're using) onto the wick.lightly push the button so that it doesn't spray everywhere on the lighter.
2.attempt to light it.
3. having done that,it should produce a single use flame that will last for,well i have had it last for about 20 seconds. you can do it over and over again,until the flame is no longer needed.

Step 3: Thanks for Reading!!!!!

this is an extremely simple thing to do and learn,and I hope that is helps someone out someday.



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    PSA Break cleaner is toxic when burned, and exteemly toxic if you happen to weld some of it! eg: if you use it in place of carb-cleaner as a degreaser, miss wiping out 1 little pit, it reacts in the arc . . . you visit the hospital or die from it! Don't f*** with Phosgene or chlorinated solvents!!!

    Did this once when hunting. Used some alcohol from first aid kit. Filled the Zippo up with kerosene from camp stove on a few occasions as well.Nice that you can use almost any flammable fluid in a Zippo in an emergency.

    Out of*

    This helped me out if a dry pinch lighting a bowl a second ago!

    Can you soak the cotton inside with axe? will it work? or will it just dry out?

    haha dude my uncle gave me a zippo but it doesn't have anymore fluid in it and my parents wont get me any so i was joking to my parents that i would use wd40 instead and they started freaking out. haha