Enlarging Papercraft Models




Introduction: Enlarging Papercraft Models

Well here it is a tutorial on my own spin on papercrafts finally well sort of right now it's just a draft still but I will hopefully slowly improve it.

Oh credit to the original creators of the papercraft models I used. Like Xenon who made the master sword and pedestal paper craft I enlarged http://hyrulepapercraft.blogspot.com/2009/03/mast...

And Ninjatoes adult link http://ninjatoes.wordpress.com/

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Step 1: Supplies

1 cardboard (I use cardboard instead of paper as the larger the model the easier it gets ruined and anyway why make a life sized master sword and pedestal and not be to really touch it.)

2 duck tape, duck tape and duck tape (the duck tape is used to 1 hold stuff together and 2 give color which seems random but I will explain in more detail in a step that is just dealing with duck tape.)

3 cutting tools (scissors aren't the best as they crush the cardboard but are good for small parts. I personaly use a serrated knife "a knife with a jagged edge; sawlike")

4 hot glue and hot glue gun ( good for repairs and handles)

5 basic see through tape


you can get duck in many different colors oh and the most important thing buy in bulk.

you should be able to find them in craft stores and the like.

Step 3: Enlarging

easy ways to enlarge parts

1 if you have a copying machine that allows you to chose how much you enlarge it you can cut out the parts and enlarge them one at a time.

2 zooming in and taking screen shots works as well but is hard to judge

3 and some pepakaru files can be edited and enlarged

Step 4: Cutting Out the Parts

as you cant really crease or bend cardboard accurately you need to cut one the fold lines which means that you have a lot more pieces to keep track of

Its also good to have a copy of the original pieces so you know how thing go together

Step 5: Putting the Pieces Together

1 first put the cardboard pieces back into the shape of the original part they came from so they are whole/complete again with duck tape the color does not matter much as you can just cover an old color with a new one. After that just put the larger versions of the parts together like a normal papercraft.

Also make sure to take care of the interior and cover the gaps so it wont brake as easily.

Step 6: Coloring With Duck Tape

Ok first off its tape so it can peel but that one of the uses of the hot glue

A way to make that happen much less is to make the strips of tape you use as long as possible and do over lapine layers of color, like having a rough strip of gold colored tape and making more accurate edges with a color of tape that is next to the gold.

Step 7: Final Step

ok so you have hopefully not started yet but as you work on putting the the parts together fill the model up with some sort of material such as paper, I use tissues to fill up the smaller areas.

Step 8: Tips

to make parts more sturdy add hot glue where the pieces meet

to make cloth like stuff from duck tape make a square of duck tape that has no sticky side showing and then placing your pattern on the duck tape with basic see through tape and cut the pattern out.

The Aegislash model was made by javierini


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