Episode 6: Make Your Own Zero Emissions Chairs

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Intro: Episode 6: Make Your Own Zero Emissions Chairs

in the final episode of my series on reclaiming your own wood and making things with it, i make a pair of simple indoor/outdoor chairs using only basic hand tools and no electricity).

i didn't make a cut ist at the end of this video, but for one chair you basically need:

(2) 30"X 2 or 3 inch ish back rails,

(2) 18" ish front rails,

(4) 18" ish pieces to box and attach the rails

(1) piece of wood about 16 1/2" for a back rest and

(3 or 4) 18" boards to form the seat. 

obviously there's lots of room for variation.

please check out the other five videos in the series, viewable on my page here and on youtube.

thanks so much for watching!



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