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Introduction: Erector Set Hand

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So I was watching videos of CHARLI-L (and reading about it), and I thought it was really neat, but at the same time i thought it was a little behind the times, America should have had humanoid robots years ago!

Anyway, i decided I might as well make a hand out of an erector set, just because. It isn't the most proportional in the world, but it is still pretty cool. It is not rigged but if you have suggestions, feel free to post them :D

It's got the ulna, radius, humourus (in two parts), and phalanges, and the shoulder joint.

I apologize for the quality of these photos, I am using an old webcam and I am also a bad photographer.

Edit: 9/7/2010. Would you believe it? It hasn't even been a day since i posted this 'ible and I am already updating it. Added shoulder joint, elbow joint, wrist joint, and I improved the palm.



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