Escrima Sticks




these are the sticks i made to go with my stick dummy( see my other one on how to make a stick dummy here ).
all you need to make them is: one inch oak dowels and some stain. for tools you need: a saw, a rasp,and a cloth for the stain. first, you need the dowels. cut them down to the right length, the typical size is 26 inch's. then, file the edges some. now, sand the whole thing till it's smooth. this is an optional step if you want more detail. if you want you can wood burn them with a candle or butane lighter. wrap with aluminum foil where the edges will be , then you just run it over the flame till it turns for the staining. stain the wood, following the instructions.let it dry. finally sand with fine steel wool and you are done! please be careful , as the will HURT. now have fun with your new sticks.

P.S. PLEASE vote for me and be sure to post pics of your sticks 



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    5 years ago on Introduction

    ah ok. When you say Escrima, that is a Filipino martial art. Now as you call your instructor, Sensei, that is a Japanese term. So I am incline to think that the foundation of your instructor's art is Japanese and has blended Filipino martial arts into his. Nothing wrong with that. Cool. What type of Escrima (as that is a generic term) do you study (who's family did it come from)? I would still say go with rattan sticks as they "shred" apart as you train (and your hits get harder) versus dowels will eventually will break in two--causing possible harm.


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Just a quick note.. Filipino martial arts (escrima, kali, arnis - whatever you would like to call it) does not use dowels as they may break in two. If you have people over, the projectile may cause injury. Rattan sticks (not the same as bamboo) are usually used. For those that do not know the difference - bamboo is hollow, rattan is not.

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    funny,because the sensei who teaches the class makes them exactly the same way as this. he uses oak dowels for most of his sticks.