Europallett - Living Room Table

Introduction: Europallett - Living Room Table

Super easy, fast and beautiful!

I dunno where she had seen it, but it was my mom that gave me the idea of doing it. I guess it's a pretty standard instructable, but I thought it's still worth uploading coz I haven't seen it built this way. Basically, what I think is very important: choose a quality pallett, in Europe we have the Euro Palletts, those are great. Also choose quality wheels. At a good Bauhaus you ll find quality wheels starting at about 3-4 Euros each. If you can, take 5 wheels, it will make the table move more easily. In fact, mine moves at the push of a fingertip! Also, take any possible surface as the top part. I ve seen people taking glass (or even mirror). Personally I think glass takes away the woody touch this piece has by nature. But of course, everybody sees it the way he wants. I took the rest of my parquet floor and cut it the exact length of the pallett, then installed it on the pallett with long and strong nails. Its very nice canadian wood, and the win win if you take your own parquet floor is it will fit together with the rest of your house. In my case parquet floor was used for the dorms, thus making the living room table remind those rooms.

Also, the bottom part, nail that parquet floor to it (or any other thin wood) so you can place objects inside the pallett.Actually I have been a lil lazy here. If you make a hole for the central weel in the lower wood, you can put even more stuff inside your living room table.

If necessairy, add a lamp!

Enjoy this super easy and nice instructable that will make your living room shine!

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    5 years ago

    I love the addition of the light to the table. Great project and thanks for sharing