Even Cheaper Screen Printing




Introduction: Even Cheaper Screen Printing

well I read up on other tutorials on this site and came up with this tutorial.
for me total cost $10
supplies include:
2 colors inks
a blank shirt
a computer
paper (computer type)
squeegee (i used a car windshield squeegee)
homemade screen print screen
block of wood (the size of the paper)
wood clamps
x-acto knife

Step 1: Find Your Design

find your design, I fell in love with this design thats why you'll see it in my other tutorial, but google designs and find one you like. below are some examples and samples of simple but awesome designs. now copy and paste them to what ever program your using, and blow it up to full page.

Step 2: After Choosing

after choosing a design take out your x-acto knife and cut the black parts out. (see picture) the island parts of the design... cut out and then cut out an part in the middle of the island piece this is where you will place a piece of duct tape and the tape will hold it in place on the shirt. now place ALL pieces of the design on the shirt.

Step 3: The Printing

now take the block of wood and place it in the middle of the front and back of the shirt this will elevate the shirt to make a secure fit between the shirt and screen. now that the block is elevating the shirt place the newly cut design (on paper) onto the shirt and move it to where it looks good. then place the island piece where it needs to be. now take the screen and place it over top of the shirt. now take wood clamps and place them on each corner of the screen to hold it down. now place a line if ink on the side and then pull the ink with the squeegee to the edge of the design. after you feel it is truly covered with ink release the clamps, bring the screen up and carefully pull away the paper "stencil". now you should have a one color design :) yaaay!!

Step 4: 2nd Layer

for this design i really don't need a 2nd layer but for your benefit I did 2. so now print off a second picture of your design(same size) and cut out your 2nd layer then carefully place the 2nd paper "stencil" on top of the shirt. make sure its where its supposed to be!! then repeat the steps with clamping the screen down etc. now with a q- tip (this is for small second layers such as mine , for big ones repeat the way the 1st layer was done) apply the white [for this case] and then take the screen off and peel away layer 2.

Step 5: And in Conclusion

it came out pretty good, also a new thundercats shirts at sears (or where ever I saw it) is $20 and I can make mine for 1/2 or less the price!! also if your looking a vintage looking screen print, instead of using a squeegee you can use a art sponge just "dry brush" the ink on the sponges cost depending on size but you don't need that big of a piece so it shouldn't have to spend much. also please vote for me!!!



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    23 Discussions

     gooo green lantern!!!!!!!

    Do you have to do anything to the shirt after you get the ink on, such as ironing or hand washing? Also what type of ink did you use?

    Hey I like how you have used just normal A4 paper as a stencil, i am using xray paper

    fabric inks- would they be suitable?

    Cost $10, but the materials can be used plenty! nice one, and thanks for the upload

    Cool. Living in the UK makes it expensive to buy emulsion etc so this works really well. Thanks.

    I'm going to be printing up some shirts pretty soon with a very similar method- do you have any idea how much ink you used per shirt? I'll have to make about 50 and I have what appears to be the same size ink bottle as yours. I think the amount of coverage is roughly similar as well. Do you have any idea of the volume required?

    1 reply

    i made this design of screen printing but with a picture of the fresh prince it worked really well tanks mate x

    be careful about the type you buy, water based will dry in a screen quickly and couldn't ruin. SOme inks wont dry for years till you heat it up but those you have to have a heat gun or whatever. I think ya need to get the ink to 320. The ink will wash out if it isn't heated up all the way

    I would prefer using a spray.It would take less time and the finish would be as good as that.Nice Instructable nevertheless

    1 reply

    cool the outside spray (leak) underneath gives MORE than it take it gives it a very cool dirty, top secret-ish look you probably don't know what what I'm talking about so I'll stop writing now