Exeggcute Night Lamp V1

Introduction: Exeggcute Night Lamp V1

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Hi this instructable will show you how to make your own exeggcute night lamp. I wanted to do something with a pokemon theme, So i made this exeggcute model with some leds inside and presto! I got a nifty night lamp!

Materials Required:

  1. Eggs (only the shell is needed).
  2. Soldering iron.
  3. Solder wire.
  4. Hot glue gun.
  5. Oil based paint.
  6. Painting brush.
  7. 12V 1amp DC power adapter.
  8. Resistors 1/2 watt (anything over 120 ohms).
  9. Blue LEDs.

Step 1: Preparing the Eggs

Figure 1:

Prepare the eggs by removing a little bit of the egg shell and inverting the eggs so that the yolk and the white are removed. Clean the inner surface and leave it to dry. I have also uploaded a video showing the yolk removal.

Figure 2:

Place the egg in your index finger and start the painting.

Figure 3:

Here i have used oil based paint which easily stuck to the shell but the
problem is that it takes a long time to dry. You can use any painting method of your choice.

Figure 4:

If you find an excess of paint wipe it off with some cotton but its better to have a light coat so that the light from the led can pass through.

Figure 5:

Here the figure shows the painted eggs. Prepare some extra eggs just in case some of them break. The eyes are painted with the same method but with a smaller brush.

Figure 6:

This step is for one of exeggcute's special eggs which has its yoke showing. The first step is to crak the egg in half as shown.

Figure 7:

Push the top half of the cracked egg into the other half and hot glue the underside to make it rigid.

Figure 8:

finally paint the yellow yolk of the egg as shown.

Step 2: Preparing the Circuit and Egg Base

Figure 1:

Here is the basic circuit shown with a 123d circuits schematic. The battery alone changes since we use a 12v adapter in its place but the basic circuit stays the same.

Figure 2:

Once you completed soldering the circuit its time to fit the leds i just used a cardboard base and stuck the leds with some hot glue as shown.

Figure 3:

Place three blobs of hot glue around the led for the egg.

Figure 4:

Place the egg on the glue blobs so that the egg is fixed to the carboard.

Figure 5:

This shows all the eggs with the wires and led in their correct places.

Figure 6:

Trim the ends of the carboard so that it snugly fits into the basket. The size of the cardboard is dependent on the size of your basket.

Figure 7:

This figure shows the two wires that need to be connected to the adapter. The adapter will have a plug at the end just cut of the plug and strip the outer wire to show two wires which are connected to the respective terminals.

Figure 8, 9 & 10 :

This is the finished product with the eggs placed in the basket. You need to fill up the basket with some decorative items to hide the wires running through the basket. The next shows the illuminated eggs in light and the final figure shows the eggs at night.

Hope you enjoyed this instructable. If you like this instructable please vote for my entry and as always your comments are welcome, Thanks :)

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