Expandable Audiocable for Less Than 3 Bucks!



Introduction: Expandable Audiocable for Less Than 3 Bucks!

Ever had that you wanted your audio over a longer distance than 30 cm? haven't got the money for a wireless system or a professional extention cable?
then build this practical cable, which you can make longer with every standard usb extention cable of 6.5m, for only 2.10 euro! (2.70dollars)

I use my one every day, for transferring my pc audio to my surround system. I simply put another usb cable in between, and poof! a 11.5m audio cable, for about 4 euro! (probaly 5 bugs) on e-bay that would cost 15 euro and 10 euro shipping or something! so I saved about 21euro, simply in about half an hour. I would rate the difficulty 2 stars out 10. (really easy)

if you use av cable, you could do the same, but with all 4 connections. if you would also put ground to the cable shielding, you would have a coax cable, so no interferrence!!

I am not to be held responsible if you burn youself with the glue gun or soldering iron, or injure or kill yourself while building this instructable. (which is not likely)

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Step 1: The Materials

Absolutely needed:
usb cable: male-female (extention cable) 5m: 1.49 euro (1.91 dollars).
audio cable: male-male/female (both possible) 1.5m: 0.59 euro (0.76 dollars).
hot glue gun: about 3 euro, when not already owned.
scissors: you defenetly have those!

soldering iron + solder
wire stripper

Step 2: How to Build

start by unpacking the cables.

cut open the cable shielding.
the usb might have extra cableshielding inside.

then you will find 3 wires at the audio cable and 4 at the usb cable.
strip 3 wires, so leave one at the usb. (use scissors or wire stripper)

choose the wires you are going to connect. (I used white to white, red to red and yellow to green, and left black)


twist the wires together, then hotglue (sticking it into the glue hole and pulling it out works good too, and makes it slimmer, and has a lower risk for gluing other wires accidentaly) or you may to add a drip of solder first to assure proper contact.

repeat 6 times. (also for the other end, make sure to use the same color coding!!)

hotglue the two wires together, if you let it hang freely you can do all sides at once instead of only a third, because it won't stick to your table!
don't use a little hotglue, more is stronger! (but too much will make it look real messy, like in the last picture)

please comment or you like it, or it worked for you too, and other stuff.
if there is anything wrong with the instructable (grammar, other things) please pm me, and I will fix it as soon as possible.
btw, first 'ible! YAY!

Have fun,


After a long time of use, the ones that were just twisted together and taped have gotten unreliable, however the ones that were soldered and carefully hotglued are still going strong!

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