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Introduction: Extra Reach Back Scratcher

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Winter weather with its dry air tends to dry out the skin and can lead to itching, the worst spot is right between your shoulder blades because it takes some real yoga like moves to reach. A recent itch had me rubbing on door jambs, rubbing a towel up and down my back and finally I grabbed up a hair brush.... aaaaaaah RELIEF! !  I thought to myself this would be really good with a longer handle...hhmmmm... the brush I had, had, a wide handle that I thought about cutting down but then Id need to buy another anyways so off to the dollar store to see what I could find

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Step 1: Shopping

 I went to the dollar store and found a brush with a small roundish handle I thought would work, the round head was a plus as it turns out... A quick look through the scrap pile got me an 18 inch piece of 1/2"pvc and then I dug out my hot glue gun and a roll of black tape to make the handle fit snuggly

Step 2: Assembly

Depending on the brushand handle you choose you may need to trim the handle down to fit, in this case I needed a single layer of black tape to create a tight fit. Insert the brush handle into the pipe as deep as you want and then add hot glue all around the edge allowing some to run down the inside of the pipe/handle (the glueing pics didn't turn out)

Step 3: Aaahhh Relief !

No more having to twist into unnatural positions to get relief and the round bristle head means I don't evenb have to worry about which side is "up". I later added a strap to the other end of the handle so I could hang my new backscratcher in an accessible place

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    I bought a toilet bowl scrubber and only use it for my back :)