Extreme Ultimate Frisbee

It depends on if you like the game ultimate frisbee &/or football because it is a mix between the two

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Step 1: Teaming Up

if there is a small area have 5-8 players on a team but if there is a big open area you can use up to 25 players on a team or more.

Step 2: Choosing the Area

when you are playing you probably don't want anywhere that has a lot of rocks or trees. Choose a field like a baseball or football field or even a backyard if its big enough.

in the pictures the first two are good areas but the third isn't.

Step 3: The Game

the game is similar to ultimate frisbee but with a twist instead of playing two hand touch you tackle the person that has the frisbee to get it.

if you never herd of ultimate frisbee or dont know how to play go to:

The game will cause some injuries & to giv a general idea wat it will be like look at the picture , take away the protective gear & imagine theres a frisbee instead of a foot ball

sorry for no pictures of the actual game being played but i dont own a camera

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    4 years ago on Introduction

    Hey this is a Ultimate Frisbee startup company that I am currently working for http://taigaultimate.com/ we made custom uniforms for Ultimate Frisbee teams. Everything is done online you can upload your logo and we will have it printed in your uniforms for you. You can choose the color of the uniform the font for the number and the name of each player and the style of the uniform. Everything is done through our customizer tool. The uniforms are from a very high quality using Dye sublimation which means the logo and prints are parts of the shirts like if were parts of the fabric. Need cool uniforms for your ultimate frisbee team? come and visit us.

    or paintball markers...

    instead of tackling the person with the frisbee, you shoot them and they can only use the frisbee as a shield.


    11 years ago on Step 3

    haha. awesome. i love ultimate frisbee...would be sick to make an ultimate frisbee club haha XD a good thing to have for extreme ultimate is a cup. that should be only legal equipment :D

    2 replies

    Yea, most colleges have ultimate frisbee clubs, I have also found Ultimate Frisbee groups online. We started one at my High School. We sold candy bars to make money for cones, frisbees, and incentives and played at lunch or after school. We made $400 in 2 weeks selling candy so we gave shirts to everyone who sold candy and had free pizza, taco bell, or ice cream at club meetings(this attracted a lot of people).


    11 years ago on Introduction

    Umm hate to break it to you but there is no two hand touch in ultimate frisbee, or running with the frisbee for that matter, thats all football. You might want to specify that.

    2 replies

    the way i played it at school was...if you are in possession of the frisbee you are allowed 3 steps in any direction(everyone is free to move) and if you dont throw it downfield you have to make a lateral pass and you have to get to the endzone constructed with 2 or 4 cones...