Extremely Powerfull Knex Gun





Introduction: Extremely Powerfull Knex Gun

this gun is insanely powerfull it is double barrel!! shoots 2 rods whenever you want to its very very powerfull it hurt like hell when i hit my hand on accedent. This is my first instructable so dont laugh at it's insane power, it's strong **FOR BEGGINNERS** perfect if you really want to harm someone. enjoy making it

x24 yellow conectors.......x12 yellow rods
x16 orange conectors.......x2 white rods
x2 white conectors.......x4 green rods
x10 grey conectors.......x8 blue rods
x2 red conectors.......x2 red rods


Step 1: Construct the Peices

1. handle
2. barrels #1
3. barrel #2
5. xtras

**NOTE** on number 3 the end part of the trigger ( not the noted part ) is the small single grey conectorsand are looped not clipped onto the blue rod, and as you can see at bottom of picture it clips onto the previous barrel.

Step 2: Now to Attach All the Pieces Together

this step tells how to attach all of the pieces together to form most of the gun.

1. shows you where to attach the barrels together in more detail
2. attack the handle here
3. make the firing pin's ( make 2 of these )
4. more detail on the second barrel
5. .......... Y O U R F I N I S H E D ! ! The finished gun should look like the pic on the front page.



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    82 Discussions

    what r these triggers for? i tryed usin em and nothin happened.

    o and i gotta lot of pieces left over.

    I did a search for just the word k'nex and came up with 40 hits, why would anyone put the time in to do this? All it is, is telling us to make virtually the same thing out of a toy with pre-fab parts...how is that any fun? Maybe if you could get it fire without rubber bands "maybe" it would be interesting.

    3 replies

    well, have you ever actually made one? There are lots of different varieties, and maybe making them isn't the funnest thing in the world, but running round and shooting stuff with them comes pretty close!

    could you be a little more specific on how to put the elastics on please : )

    this isn't the best instructions to be honest... I Cant understand the last part...


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    Hey Guys... i made a 475 volt gloves taser.. Should i post? Im working on a 2500 volt.. i got the chip from an old printer :)

    2 replies

    connect about 9 on both, then shuv in the rest (not clip them in) then clip the rest in on one side and then the other. easy!