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so mom took me to Michaels the other day for a pumpkin decorating work shop and I had no idea what to make so I & looked @ the pre-made pumpkins  and I saw this pumpkin that was all diorama-y and awesome . So I went back asked the lady if I could cut open my $5 plastic pumpkin and.... wait for it.... SHE SAID NO. so I painted my pumpkin  and bought my supplies and left

So this  'ible is how to make a faberge diorama pumpkin thingy

disclamer: have i warned you of the risk of electrocution, possibility of getting stabbed w/ the knife and high chance of getting burned w/ the glue gun? no? well I just did and I will not be held responsible for your stupid mistakes.

Step 1: Things to Need (and Some I Want)

you will need...
A $5 pumpkin (plastic!!!!!!!)
things to go in your pumpkin(tombstones, spiders, itty bitty fencey thing, little tree)

fake pumpkin cutter
a styrofoam cutter
hot glue
elmers glue
adult supervision        --o-o--

Step 2: Design Your Pumpkin

this is a crucial step do not skip it!
design your pumpkin choose paint color ect.

Step 3: Make a Template

like i said make a template for your  styrofoam stuff

Step 4: Paint Pumpkin

paint the out side o' your pumpkin and let dry

Step 5: Cut!!!!!!!!!

trace your hole and cut it out.  This takes a while depending on what shape your hole will be

also if you got the little light up tomb stones like i did cut out a little hole for the switch box

Step 6: Paint Inside

paint inside of pumpkin and ad glitter

Step 7: Put Styrofoam/plywood In

put in your "platform" aka styrofoam your going to need to put in your base and take out and trim until it sits right it took me about 5 or 6 tries to get it right

Step 8: Put Every Thing Together

add your spider, tomb stones, moss, tree and fence I recommend putting in the tomb stones,tree and fence in first so you can cover up the wires
glue it all down with hot glue

Step 9: Finishing Up

test it out 
if it works ...brag!!!
if it doesn't... fix it !!
so there was my snappy quote of the day.
any way this is my first 'ible so please comment and vote for me in the contest  (that dremel 4000 is  very cool )



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     My nephews and nieces will definitely love this one if I'll makefor the Halloween. Thanks for this instructions.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    I thought this was about how to make a fake pumpkin, I would tryto saysomething with diorama.
    Like, 'Plastic Pumpkin Diorama'
    With the second picture in the last step, as the intro picture.

    1 reply

    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    oops. thank you for the info, this is my frst instructable so anything                       ( & everything) helps.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    i may now be required to do this with a real pumpkin....and try to makeall the interior decorations out of the removed pumkin chunks....

    1 reply