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Introduction: Failed And/or Incomplete Projects

About: I used to build K'nex guns. I'd like to think I've grown to be quite good at it, however, I've lost most of my interest in K'nex over my first couple of years in High School, but I do occasionally still come...
in this 'ible i will show some of my recent failed and/or incomplete projects. the projects that are in this 'ible either didn't work, didn't work well, jammed occasionally, or were not post-worthy. i will most probably add more over time.

first of all, my favorite of the lot, the ASMG (Assault Sub Machine Gun). this project started out from me wanting to make a magazine that would have similar qualities as the SSM (which you can find here), but for grey (1-slot) connector ammo. there is a small 7 round magazine and a bigger 13 round magazine, both with an internal, rubber band powered pusher and a bullet stop (ceiling), and both easily top loaded. the magazines are very unique and work flawlessly (you might see them soon in a little collab me and oblivitus are working on), but the gun isn't the best. it was very comfortable, had a high rate of fire, and was light-weight, but it was quite weak, had very bad accuracy, and you had to cock the ram in order to insert/ take out the magazines.

next, we have the simple rail pistol. i wanted to make a rail gun, small as possible, that would have a comfortable trigger and would use my SSM (refer to previous paragraph). at the end, it was pretty bad. the trigger was ok, but the ram had a lot of problems. also, to insert and take out the magazine, you would have to cock the ram. to cock the ram, you would have to pull the trigger, take the ram back and release the trigger. it was quite strong and quite accurate though.

the next thing isn't exactly a gun... it's a concept drum mag that uses a rotating pin to feed the bullets, and uses red gears to sort them. it uses blue rods, and it can hold about 28 rods. it occasionally jams and i don't know why. i've tried everything i can to prevent this, but nothing works. i was starting to build a gun for it, like really just started, but i stopped very quickly seeing as it wasn't working very well and i needed the pieces from it. this is based on vortus' smaller prototype version (click) which works much better, but i'm not sure how to connect it to a gun, and it holds only 13 bullets. if you want, go ahead and build it and try to solve the problems i've been having with it.

this next gun is a concept gun. it's a slingshot that uses a rope wound around a wheel on a ratchet mechanism with a crank to pull back and cock the rubber band. this allows to have a closed barreled slingshot (i'm pretty sure the first of it's kind), and allows to have a (removable) magazine and a bolt/pump to load the bullets. in the process of building, i found out that the rubber band turns and closes, not allowing it to catch a bullet, and therefore, i stopped building in the middle and so, some of the mechanisms aren't fully functional yet. this is an original concept and i encourage anyone to try and achieve what i couldn't, giving me credit for the concept.



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    definitely. it's a mag that is very easy to connect to something, and it might be very good for something else. as i said above, you are probably gonna see it soon on something me and oblivitus are working on together. it's a little bit of a surprise, and i think it might be the best gun ever made in it's category... you'll see.

    i was just looking through some of my instructables when i noticed this comment. i'm sorry to say that you won't be seeing my version. i can tell you now that we were working on the SA 3252. at some point, we split up trying to make a 5 layered 3252, and we both had different ideas on how to make it work, so we each set on working on the different mechs. i don't know if oblivitus has managed, he updated me a few times, but he didn't say anything about succeeding and he has long since posted anything about it. anyway, mine did work and it did use this magazine. it was the first working 5 layer version of the SA 3252, but i took it down a long time ago when i needed the parts and lost interest in the concept for a short period of time. so like i said, i'm sorry to say you won't be seeing my version, unless, that is, you would like me to send you my video update on it (be told that it is long, explanatory and is directed to oblivitus)

    i am so very glad to prove that above comment wrong... anyway, for the past month i have continued working on the 3252, called it S3 now, and it is really awesome right now. check out my slideshow on it and i also posted it just earlier today, so check it out. what i have is quite similar (in the mech) to what i had back then when i told you about this. check it out. more feedback is always welcome with bracing arms.

    I love the closed barreled slingshot idea. I'm sure you could get the elastic to pull back straight with a little bit of tweaking. Is that cranking system strong enough to support the power of the band?

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    yup. how? i was actually thinking, after taking it down, that if i made it a crossbow it would work, but then it wouldn't be closed barreled, but it'll still let you operate it without touching the rubber band, and the hole in the side where the band would go would only have to be a small slit. i would prefer to have it closed barreled though. what did you have in mind?

    I actually didn't have anything in mind, I was just thinking that that seems like a small problem to fix. Yeah, making it into a crossbow would straighten the elastic out though. I just came up with an idea though, how about two strings, one on the left of the elastic, one on the right of the elastic and two spools (one for each string)?

    Yeah, i thought about that, but it seems like an awful complication of the mech and it would also be weaker. I think i'll try it again when i get back home, this time with a crossbow.