Failed (kinda Just Gave Up on It Really...) Shell Ejecting Vector Mech

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I will most likely try finishing this as some point... but admittedly my main work right now is on making a really functional m4 that looks nice and has an actual bolt. tell me what you think of this... or even steal it and finish it. I'd be flattered if someone did! I got as far as getting it to eject the shells reliably, but couldn't figure out a good propulsion mech that looked good... and I couldn't bring myself to make just another pin gun with the only plus being ejecting shells. have fun!



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    4 years ago

    really think this next one is going to be my best yet... performing, looking AND in uniqueness of the mechanism. it's a repeating, bolt action, magazine fed, rear transfer (chamber is over 8 inches back from the magazine) slingshot. just need a catch mechanism for the projectile (what ive found to be very stable in flight, an orange connector with a green rod and a grey connector for the tip) and a handle then it should be good to go. hopefully a good war weapon as the range should be upwards of 70 ft even if it jams sometimes.

    lol yeah :P

    Gets terrible range, was kinda just making something that's shell ejecting. I bet it would work a lot better in a larger gun with a normal pin and maybe a chambering mech that catches and removes the shell before firing for less friction. BTW, I just built the zip 3 hoping for some inspiration, and I think I might use it as the base for a bunch of cool mods and such