Fast Simple Homopolar Motor


Introduction: Fast Simple Homopolar Motor

a fast spining motor made with a, drywall screw a, duracell D battery a, piece of wire and, a earth magnet



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    It's "rare-earth magnet." Actually, any magnet that isn't an electrical insulator (as ferrite magnets are) and has the disc shape should work.

    The first homopolar machine was made by Michael Faraday, who was once asked by an unimaginative politician what it was good for. There are two versions of his answer:
    "Of what use is a newborn baby?"
    and, more appropriate for a politician:
    "Someday sir, you may be able to tax it."

    Note that, like all DC motors, these devices will function as generators, but the terminal voltage is low.

    im sorry but i cant tell you where to buy one my father found it and gave it to me a few weeks before i made it and he got it at his work place. thanks for asking though let me know if it works out for you! good luck!

    Nicely done, you should do a real instructable with more detail. I can probably use this with my algae stuff IF I can get a good set of instructions.

    the focus is on the can on the background ... but nice motor tho!

    you might want to include some explanation on what's happening as it's not apparently clear. Yes the motor spins, but you don't mention the wire in your list of materials, or where to locate it and what the intent is. Also the video is really dark, this can be solved by not shooting out your window. Shooting film into the sky or into light makes a silhouette of what you are shooting, try to have your light source behind you so it illuminates just your object of interest. I think this is a neat idea with some potential to be included in a more complex project, but you need to make a more finished product to explain the idea.

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    ...and focus. The camera was focussed on the background - and never on the macro shots of the screw, magnet, and battery.

    It's a 31 second video SUCKER! :P Youtube got ya haha, I think they round up the seconds. Anyway, pretty cool!

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