Female Iron Man Helmet

Introduction: Female Iron Man Helmet

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how to repaint an iron man helmet, simple .

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Step 1: Materials Used

iron man or avengers iron man face mask

grey primer

plasticoat (enamel paint) lilac colour- for the mask

metallic silver car spray- for the face plate

paint brushes

plasticoat bright red- for detail highlights

lacquer to finish

Step 2: Prime and Paint

spray primer and give 20 mins to dry, or whatever time given by manufacturer.

then spray the silver and allow 20-40 mins to dry

Step 3:

using a none abrasive soft paintbrush apply the plasticoat to the head and chin avoiding the face plate.

Step 4: Detail and Shine

using a fine paint brush follow the grooves and contours to add definition to the mask

what i did for the top of head section was to mix red with shimmering violet acrylic glittery paint to get a super shiny blend of colour.

apply lacquer to protect and bring out the colours. 

Step 5:

have fun, ironman style

iron maiden.................rock on.

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