Fence Post Bags Instructions





Introduction: Fence Post Bags Instructions

step by step instructions on how to fit the fence post bags to the post following https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-fix-and-then-extract-a-fence-post-with-ease/

Fence post socket system
tools and material required:
cable ties
pipe insulation 22mm
socket bag
fence post 100x100mm or similar



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    I'm sold how do I get the bags in the United States? In my case I'm installing a cross fence in a place that would be great RV parking. Since I don't know for sure I will get the RV I don't want the hassles of building a gate. This allows a great fence solution and quick ability to put in gate later.

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    I put these bags for sale on ebay http://myworld.ebay.co.uk/easyfencing , they are advertised for the UK only because of the postage costs. But on request I can set the delivery service available to the US as well , altogether 10 bags would cost £20 or about 32$ including delivery but I can give a quote for any quantity . Or contact me on robertzav@aol.com