Ferris Wheel Car

Introduction: Ferris Wheel Car

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A one-wheeled car... that looks like a ferris wheel. If you're a 'don't bend my Knex'! freak, then don't build this.

It rolls automatically when you turn it on.
Can't get a movie sorry :-(

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Step 1: This Is the Main Wheel Thingie

just connect about twenty two of the.... well thingies in the picture.
As you may have noticed, you might have to change a few things up along the way
1. the last segment uses blue and yellow rods instead of ed and yellow ones.
2. you have to improvise on four different places to make the inner frame fit.

Step 2: The Frame Thingie That Supports Te Engine Thingie

this goes inside the wheel. Make 2

Step 3: How to Fit the Inner Frame In

it shouldn't be two difficult to fit the frame in. you'll notice it's sort of lob-sided, so just keep turning it till it fits in straight.

Look at the picture.
do this twice.

Step 4: The Core

the tires are simply weights. Add more if you like.

Step 5: Almost Done

just attach the core into the center by the white connectors and that's it.

That's it. If you don't think these instructions are good enough, deal with it. :-p
Thank you for looking at this instructable, please check out my other crap soon.

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    Much better than the other wheel on this site :)