Fever During School? No Problem a Reusable Head Cooler!!! Cost Me 0$ Again..




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*this project is made just for fun and has no medical proposes*
i will not be responsible for any damage done to yourself or people and property around you

but it is quite safe
now.. lets say you feel your head heating up.. i mean your forehead.. so instead of that expensive commercial patch you but at your forehead use this!!! its cheap and for me its free and its reusable!!!!

�stuff you need
a light heat sink (mine from dead cpu)
and a big rubber band�
i think you are getting the idea already..

Step 1: Ok This Is Too Easy

just take 1 large rubber band

 put the rubber band into the grove just any groove will do

Step 2: So Here Are Some Examples of How to Use It.. Dead Simple

so i guess the pictures say everything



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    7 years ago on Introduction

    you can also use themal paste for better and faster results... haha

    actually this instructable is more of a joke i did just for fun..
    maybe i can add a fan and battery to the heat sink!