Filament Cleaner Cheap and Easy

This tutorial is about an very cheap and quick to build filament cleaner.

It is made out of:

- One clothespin
- A small chunk of a kitchen wipe

The only tool that is needed is a scissors or a sharp knife

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Step 1: The Materials

As told in the discription, on the photo You can see everthing You will need for this hack.

- One clothespin

- A small chunk of a kitchen wipe

- A scissors or a sharp knife

Step 2: The Cutting

You have to cut out an rectangular chunk out of the wipe. It has to be a little wider then the clothespin and should be as long as ist. As you can see on the pictures.

Step 3: The Building

Now you have to fold the chunk some times and put it in the clothespin. (It could be necessary to adjust the accurate dimensions of the chunk. But where the first chunk came from, there will be more...)

Step 4: Finishing

Now You can clip Your new filament cleaner dircet to the filament just in front of the feeder. It should make no difference between a bowded or a direct drive system.

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