Fimo Nail Art




Introduction: Fimo Nail Art

i have short nails and i am not very good at nail art. so i prefer doing something which is really easy.

recently i found fimo slices at local store. (these are really cheap at local stores than online shopping)

and i tried such nail art. it is really simple

all u need is fimo slices, nail polish, toothpick, clear polish (top coat)

apply nail polish of your favorite color and at the point of nail apply another color nail polish. u dont have to worry about how it is aligned because we are going to place fimo slices on the joint of two colors

use toothpick, dip it in clear nail polish and use it to pick fimo slices and place then properly

place slices while nail polish is wet

once they are properly placed put top coat

n u r done :)



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    thanks..!! they are wearable.. these don't snag normally.. but may snag with hair.. and may sang on stuffs after 2/3 days

    I'm a guy who has no interest at all in beauty and nails and stuff. just saw this picture as I was scanning through recent posts and just had to say its incredible!

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