Finger Jousting Accesories

Introduction: Finger Jousting Accesories

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these accesories include the top five finger jousting weapons, shields and aluminum foil armor.
 weapons:                          shields: 
 - aluminum foil                - cardboard
 - toothpicks                      - aluminum foil
 - tape                                 - scissors
 - a spoon
 - kabob sticks

- aluminum foil
- cardboard
- markers 
- scissors

Step 1: Weapon # 1

this weapon is my ppersonal favorite. it can take a head off in one swipe. if fighting someone with weapon # 2, go directly for head, it can get tangled. if it does, lunge forward.

Step 2: Weapon # 2

this is a great weapon but with some disadvantages. 1. when backhanding, it might hit you with its toothpicks. 2. it can get tangled, especialy on weapon # 1.

Step 3: Weapon #3

this weapon is alright, but go right for the head.

Step 4: Weapon #4

this is how finger jousting got its name. this isn't great but it is reliable.

Step 5: Weapon #5

this weapon isn't the best but it is good against weapon #2.

Step 6: Shields

you can use many different shield shapes when opposing certain weapons.

Step 7: Aluminum Foil Armor


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