Introduction: Firecrackers

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These firecrackers are fun and easy to make, but keep in mind they are not any better than some you could buy at the store. The goal is to make some firecrackers with house hold materials. So be safe and have fun:)

Step 1: Materials and Tools

Materials: -large piece of shoebox material -two or three packs if matches -tape -hot glue -fuse (can be homeade from matchpowder) Tools -scissors -tube of the size of your firecracker to get shape -pen

Step 2: The Tube

cut the shoebox material to the length of the tube you are using and roll it around so that it is two layers thick and tight on the tube. use 3 pieces of scotch tape to secure the tube. one piece of tape on each end and one in the middle.

Step 3: The Matches

use the scissors to cut the tips off of all the matches. set these aside.

Step 4: Sealing the Tube

you will need four round pieces of the shoebox material, to seal the ends of the tube and strengthen it. cut them out so that they are slightly larger than the opening of the tube. use the tool you used to shape the firecracker tube get your shoebox circles to the right size, but still have friction in the firecracker tube. this part sounds confusing so look at the pictures for help. You need for of these circles. Now that you have your circles made put a hole in the middle of two, big enough for the fuse to fit through but small enough that it barely fits through the hole. Use your tube making tool to push one of the circles 3/4 of the way down the tube. put a small amount of hot glue on the outside of the cardboard cirle in the tube to make it air tight.Now push a second circle of cardboard down the shortest end of the tube over the glue before it cools. pit in more hot glue and fold the sides down, first folding down two opposite sides then the other two over the sides you already folded down, like you would when wrapping the ends of a christmas present. Now tape the end of the tube to keep the last fold from coming undone and to look nice:)

Step 5: Filling the Tube

pour matcesinto the tube and mash them in mith your tube tool so you can fit as many as possible. whent he tube is a lotle over half way full put the fuse in and pour matches around the base of the fuse packing them in with scissors or a pen to keep it tightly in place. Now repeat step four about sealing the tube and taping it except with the shoebox circles that have holes in them, pushing them down over the fuse with a pen or something narrow making sure the fuse goes through the hole and the first circle touches the mayches.

Step 6: Finishing Up

When you have pushed the card board circles down over the fuse, glued inbetween and after the last circle, folded and taped you are done! After lighting the fuse, some smoke will come out of the fuse hole for a few seconds and if you made it correctly it should rip the tube open in the middle giving a loud pop! i hoped you liked this instructible:) please comment if you have questions or tips!

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    6 years ago

    definitely recall trying something similar when I was in my teens


    6 years ago

    sorry for horrible typos on the second to last step, my ipod was laggy