Fish Soccer Goals





Introduction: Fish Soccer Goals

fish soccer goals lets your fish play a little soccer wile exercising

Step 1: Tools You Will Need to Make Fish Soccer Goals

hot glue-gun - to glue the poles together.plastic poles- to make the frame with.scissors-cut to poles to the right size.netting- the net of the goals

Step 2: Sides and the Cross Bar

glue six poles together with the hot glue gun in the same way the picture shows.

Step 3: The Back of the Goal

do the same thing as the last step but with the smaller poles

Step 4: Putting the Frame Together

hot glue the two different pieces together in the way the picture shows.

Step 5: Putting the Net on

hot glue the net to the top and bottom of the frame.

Step 6: Finishing Up

now all you have to do is fined a small soccer ball. ( I use a Lego soccer ball )



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    12 Discussions

    Hello! You really shouldn't keep a betta in a bowl. Being tropical fish from warm climates, bettas do far better in a heated, filtered aquarium of 2 gallons or more. Your little man will live a lot longer and be much more active and colorful c:

    he is fine is very active and happy he loves to swim around

    the betta do not need a filter or heated tank

    Yeah, when you get a cat from the pet store they're kept in tiny kennels and you take them home in a box. Petsmart is an awful source of information. Pet store employees aren't trained to take care of every animal in the store and inaccurate information is spread to increase sales of pricey trinkets like decorative bowls and, of course, the sales of new bettas to replace the ones that have died of poor care. I hope you make the right decision in caring for your betta, however you take this information.

    thanks I do not have the money to by all the stuff but I am doing the best i can and he looks happy and loves to swim around


    A heater is def. the most important thing! If you upgrade his bowl at all, make sure he at least gets a heater. He'll look more colorful and will be way more active. And having warm water year-round helps prevent diseases in bettas. I hope I didn't come off as rude earlier :c fish supplies can get expensive so I totally understand.

    Nice blue betta fish :) I love bettas. great soccer goals keep up the work. You gave me another idea for my next project.