Introduction: FLASHING LED

In this Instructable you will make a LED flasher. You will also be able to adjust it.

Step 1: Bill of Materials

  1x 555 timer
  1x LED
  1x 9 volt battery and clip
  1x 220μf capacitor
  1x 101 Ω resister
  1x 101 Ω variable resister
  1x 900 Ω resister
  multiple wires

Step 2: The Schematic

Here is the schematic for the flasher.

Step 3: Insert the Wires and the Timer

Connect pin 2 and pin 6. Connect pin 1 to the negative of the battery clip. Connect pin 8 to the positive side of the battery clip. Sorry for the bad pic.

Step 4: Connect the Other Parts

Connect the 220 uf capacitor between pin 1 and 2. Connect the led anode(+) to pin 3. Connect the led cathode(-) to the 101 ohm resister. Connect the other end of the resister to ground(-). connect the variable 101 ohm resister between pin 8 and 7. Connect the 900 ohm resister between pins 6 and 7.

Step 5: Your Done!

Yay, your done! You can change the frequency of the blinking by turning the variable resister knob.



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    19 Discussions

    need a bigger schematic cant understand a thing

    Look thanks for posting this BUT:
    You really are not helping folks with the poorly drawn circuit diagram, it's almost certain to create avoidable mistakes.
    Also 9V batteries are not cheap & most LED lights that I come across are typically 1x AAA or 2x AAA, IE 1.5 or 3 V.
    I was thinking about using this on my bike but the voltage is so high I am dubious about the likelihood of either over-driving the LEDs or just wasting power in creating the necessary voltage drop.
    Can you spell out the reasons you selected 9V please.
    Peter O

    1 reply

    i had a lot just lying around the house, you need at least 5 volts if not using a CMOS 555 chip.

     Help! I need to use this circuit for a project. My led blinks too fast! I am using just a 100 ohm resister instead of a  variable resister. Is there something that I should change??? thanks

    2 replies

    Good, but this will be better if you'd change the word resistor to resistor not resister and if you'd have better pictures. And I personally would rather open and instructable spelled with a Big letter in the beginning of the name than with small letter. Okay that's me: D The schematic could also be drawen with computer. Sorry for all that nagging : D Good instructable, will really help someone who is starting with the 555s

    2 replies