Flashlight Belt Holder




Introduction: Flashlight Belt Holder

Step 1: What You Need

gather this stuff

Step 2: Making the Belt Holder Part 1

cut two pieces of tape and roll the pieces onto the flashlight

Step 3: Making the Belt Holder Part 2

cut another two pieces and roll them on 

put the flash light aside.

Step 4: Making the Belt Holder Part 3

cut two pieces of tape. 
roll one on sticky side up 
roll the other one sticky side down 

if you are wondering the squares are 1sq inch each

Step 5: Making the Belt Holder Part 4



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    3 Discussions

    I'm sorry but I think can sum sum this up in one step. 1) Tape flashlight to belt.. If I'm missing something let me know. Don't get me wrong, the idea has great potential but the idea needs to be more well defined, and the completed project could be made to look more clean and polished.

    2 replies

    Crabby Your name sure fits you. The idea is good because one is always losing the holder that comes with the light.

    Neeley you're right. This is just what I needed today for work thanks for saving me having to shell out a few $$$ for a holder.