Flashlight Lanyard

last week, the lanyard in my flashlight was broke. and i still have a paracord scrap of my previous instructable, ( https://m.instructables.com/id/paracord-phone-pocket/ ). so i have an idea to use the scrap paracord into a lanyard.

Step 1: Material

all you need is only 1 meter paracord, 40 cm paracord, flashlight with twisted wire.

Step 2: Start Weaving

the weaving instruction was describe on these 7 pictures.
- pay attention to hole in first step. the hole must bigger than diameter of flashlight.
- and make sure the space of paracord when weaving must constant.

Step 3: Connect to the Wire

the last simple one is connect the lanyard to the wire. you just put entry both the end of lanyard (blue color paracord) into the wire, and lock the lanyard with put it again in lanyard, and tighten up to lock.

Step 4: Finish

now i have a new lanyard in my flashlight, and now i'm not worry about lost or fall because now i can fasten my lanyard in door handle or other..

thanks for read this instructables..



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