Flip Flop Slipper




Introduction: Flip Flop Slipper

You can easily make a flip flop slipper out your bottles.

Step 1: Make It Flat

first of all, you flatten the bottle.

Step 2: Tie a Knot Around The...

then you fasten and knot a string or rope below the lid of the bottle.

Step 3: Tie Another Knot in the String

Tie a knot in the string using another string as you see.
and make two holes in the bottle to pass the strings through the hole as you see.

Step 4: Place Your Foot

allow your foot to slide into the sandal.

Step 5: Have a Look at It

Step 6: Fasten the Lace

fasten the lace around your ankle.

Step 7: Here Is the Lace Ankle Sandal

now you can walk and see how comfortable it is.



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    11 Discussions

    i'm a clog dancer. these sandals are more comfy to dance in. thank you so much!

    In the step 3 pic you have dainty woman hands but in the step 4 pic you have hairy man feet. Weird. Also, don't these make a lot of noise when you walk?

    2 replies

    Thanks for viewing it. actually it was my hand and the foot belongs to my dad. I told him that his foot is too hairy lol. that made it funny. the slipper doesn't make a lot of noise but it also depends on the surface that you walk on it.

    Maybe good if you're stranded w/no shoes & need to walk where there might be rocks or something, but doesn't look very comfortable.

    Wow, It's really interesting I hadn't seen yours lol what I can say is that "Great minds think alike" :)

    It's funny how we both came up with very similar, ideas wouldn't you say?

    I'd suggest that you cut/drill a hole through one side of the bottle where your toe slot goes, then run the rope through a hole in the cap and up through the hole, so that the rope isn't always trying to slip out of said toe slot. This is a little more complicated, but wouldn't take more than a minute on the street if you've got a knife, and the rope still dosn't drag on the ground.