Flip Open Plane

This stap by stap guide will show you how to make a balsa plant that opens in mid-air!!

but before you begin you wanne make sure you have the following items:

-balsa wood

-cutable foam

-a needle

-glue gun




-gear set

-basic matirials (tape, sand paper,...)

Step 1: Balsa Airplane - Stap 1

make the 2 above structures in balsa you might want to reinforce the bar connecting the tail to the front. The size of the components doesn't matter a long as every thing is in proportion (bigger gear sets will need a bigger plane). in the final image you have to glue the balsa in the middle of the front part. the width of this component decrements om the size of the wings.

Step 2: Stap2: Make Wings

Make 2 symmetric wings the size doesn't matter just make sure the width of the plane equals the length. Now mount the wings on the plane with a small bolt (blue arrow). make sure the wing can still move. Now glue a small piece of wire in a loop on the top of the wings(white arrow). now do the same on the other side. Now make a hole in the back of the tale so the loops can fit through. the final resold should look like the third image. Don't forget to make a tail wing for the plane make it 1/2 the size of single wing

Step 3: Step3: 'all Wired Up'

Now you should make a system that will automatically pull open you wings. You make this by attaching a wire to the wing as shown in image 1. Then you should make a system that allows the wire to turn (like red arrow shows) I did this by adding a bolt inside the foam head. The head can be make out of layers of foam (image 3). Then you should connect the wire to rubber bands (image 4) that are connected to the back of the plane(image 5).

Step 4: Step 4: Gear Set

if you don't have a gear set you can buy one from the following link http://be.opitec.com/opitec-web/articleNumber/2241...

then set the gear set up as shown in the picture. The coil spring can be bought online or (like me) get it out of a mechanical egg timer. then glue a metal plate on the slowest gear. Now the gear set should work as shown in the video

Step 5: Step 5: Let the Testing Begin!

now the only thing left to do is to connect the needle and a thin wire to the metal plate. Then you should charge the plane as shown in the first video.

the discharging of the plane should look as the second video.

then let the testing begin (Video 3). (make sure you have someone ready to catch the plane if something goes wrong)



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