Flower of Drinking Straws




Introduction: Flower of Drinking Straws

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All you need is some old straw and a pair of scissors!

You can do this after a birthday party, just take the straws that the guests have used, wash them and follow the next steps!

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Step 1: Cutting Up the Straws

How long you cut the straws is up to you,longer straw gives longer leaves.
Mine is about 3-4 cm.

Step 2: Cutting Diagonally

to get the leaves, we cut the straw diagonally. on both sides. how far down you cut depends on
A: how long you have the straw
B: how long leaves you want

I cut about half the length

Step 3: Put the Straws Together

You need to cut away some of the straws to get them down in the second straw.

Step 4: Finished

Good job!

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