Fluff the Semi-magic Dragon


Introduction: Fluff the Semi-magic Dragon

About: I'm an editorial assistant who loves to crochet! My mom taught me to crochet when I was 12, but I hated counting my stitches and making straight rows--and I couldn't read a pattern to save my life (still can...

So I just saw How to Train Your Dragon and totally had to make a dragon : )

I made this guy without a pattern using black Lion Brand suede yarn, a bit of vintage gray yarn for his spikes, and a recycled blend for his wings and horns. His tounge is also suede yarn (in the cinnamon shade). His eyes are hand-knotted, and he's stuffed with polyfil. His body and head is one seamless crocheted piece, and the legs and tail were added individually. 

Thanks for taking a peek!



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    aww is so cute! if you've ever been to funspot in new hampshire, Fluff kind of looks like their mascot, Topsnuf.

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    its pretty  much a huge arcade with a lot of little kids running around though. . . the fake slot machines are fun though, it the worlds largest arcade. also, alpine skiing started in nh too. ever heard of cranmore moutain?