Flynn Rider Vest

Introduction: Flynn Rider Vest

About: i'm a French association we make decors, costumes, accessories and makes performances in costumes mascot To follow our manufacturings of costumes, accessories and performances going on my page FB: http...

1- What did you make? (Tell the story of what you made and how it works. Why did you use the tools and materials you selected?)

i make this flynn rider's bag for my costume of flynn rider

2- How did you make it? (Tell us where you got the idea for the project. Did you work with anyone else? Did your plans and ideas change as you worked on the project?)

i make this for animation and photo shoot

3- Where did you make it? (Home, school, somewhere else? How did this connect to other activities in your life?)

i use leather light blue to make this to my workshop in my house

4- What did you learn? (Describe your biggest challenges and any surprises that arose during the build. What are you proudest of? If you had to do it again, what would you do differently?)

i learn how make costume and props with leather

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    4 Discussions


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Just a question.....Which Simplicity pattern did you use?


    I love the details. Nice to see another male that sews. My only critisizm is the chest/shoulder piece should be one piece instead of a belt. Should be like you have on the back. Sorry for the OCD moment. This is one great piece.

    That is awesome! You have so many great pictures! I think this would look great as a Step by Step Instructable as well :)

    Tofu Props and Play
    Tofu Props and Play

    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you yes there are many images in step by step.

    All that I factory I take an image step by step for me and I puts the photos of the costume finished during shooting or events on my page one on this instructable:)

    look this album on my page: