Foam Claw Glove




Introduction: Foam Claw Glove

need claws for your costume that won't break your budget or skin? Hopefully this helps.

Step 1: Materials


craft foam

hot glue gun and glue sticks

sponge brush

liquid latex

acrylic paint

razor knife or scissors to cut foam

optional baby powder and brush

Step 2: Template

cut it out and wrap it around your fingers with gloves on to size them. You want them snug but not tight, as we will glue them on and then over the whole thing in latex, and latex shrinks.

Step 3: Trace and Cut

trace template once sized to your fingers onto craft foam and cut them out.

I recommend you number them as you go to avoid mix-ups.

on the thumb i goofed and had to add a little foam to fill the gap.

Step 4: Glue and Test Fit

glue along the curved edge inside and out, as well as bottom of claw

fold and pinch together.

make sure it all fits well with the gloves.

Step 5: Glue to Glove

glue along the ridge of the glove. You can try to glue these onto your own hand with the glove on it, but i assume no responsability if you burn your self.

hot glue is hot. duh.

A better option is to make and use one of my other instructables.

Please forgive the color changes as i am making claws for a venom costume and a carnage costume.

Step 6: Paint & Powder

once all the claws are on mix a small amount of acrylic paint and liquid latex for each layer,(i did 3) I used 3 to 1 ratio.

that means 3 parts latex to 1 part paint.

if you do not have a hand double you can place the glove on your hand and paint it on.

Fair warning latex will penetrate the glove fully and if you do not lubricate your hand with petroleum jelly or another release agent it will give you a smooth, yet painful waxing.

apply 1 layer and let dry for about 15 minutes, do not let the fingers touch as they will stick to themselves.

repeat at least twice more.

Optional: if your painted latex looks to thin you can paint just acrylic in between latex layers, but not as a last layer as it will flake off.

once it is all dry, you can remove the glove, if your latex is still sticky you can use baby powder (lightly) on top of the glove and inside as

Step 7:

to remove pinch each fingertip and give a slight tug.

Make sure you have fingertip and not just foam or you might pull the claws off, even though they are pretty well set.

this technique will also work on knit gloves as in the last 2 photos. my daughter wanted her own pair as Scream symbiote , it just takes a few extra coats of acrylic between latex and paint mix applications.

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