Fold Up Knex Rubber Band Gun Prototype




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Hello everybody this is my latest project - my new fold up Knex RBG gun. It uses the mech from this gun by Yttrium but the rest is my own design. This gun can hold 8 rubber bands and it folds down to a nice compact size. This gun is small in the first place so it might not be as comfortable for people with longer arms but it works fine for me. If you have any ideas or ways to improve this please post your ideas in the comments below.


folds up into a nice compact space

fires one band per trigger pull

looks cool IMO


kind of weak

handle does not lock in very tight

must use pin to lock in barrel

trigger is kind of hard to pull at first

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    24 Discussions

    sonic broom

    3 years ago on Introduction

    I plain on making a second RBG gun that folds up do any of you got any ideas


    It's pretty cool that there's a (pseudo) semi-auto mech in gun this size. The collapsing handle is a nice touch as well.
    Good job on it!

    6 replies

    Yes it is nice to have everything fold up into a compact package. oh and what do you mean by (pseudo) semi-auto mech it's just a rubber band gun that is semi-auto.

    If I'm correct, the semi-auto rubberband guns that work like this one, get called "pseudo semi-auto", because you still have to load every rubberband seperately, instead of loading all the 'ammo' at once.
    I may be wrong though, so feel free to correct me on this.

    myOmysonic broom

    Reply 3 years ago on Introduction

    no, it would be semi-auto, kinetic and i forget who else but some made a magzine for rubberbands. They made the first "powerpack" for guns. As it stands, their guns are the first and only non-psuedo semi-suto rubberband guns.

    sonic broommyOmy

    Reply 3 years ago on Introduction

    What if you had a motor connected to the cog so that when you pull the trigger it switches the motor one and fires bands until you pull the trigger again witch turns of the motor and stops the bands from firing?

    Lucas The Boss

    4 years ago

    This looks pretty good, I think your next step is using paneling. See blue mullet and red book of westmarches guns, just look at the outer layer.

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    What do you mean by paneling just putting more parts on the outside so that it doesn't have so many holes in it or what?