Foldable Map Scoreboard

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In this instructable i am going to make a fordable scoreboard out of a office map. It is pretty simple and you can do this in about 30 min. and this is perfect for propel who play outside team sports like socker or basketball

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Step 1: Make the Bend Grooves

to make this work the map has to fold over on the spot were the left and right side are the same length. i marked this withe a marker an made the groove with a Stanley knife .i don't have any dimensions because that changes on what kind of map u use

Step 2: Cut the Flaps

to make the flaps were the numbers are going to be drawn on i used :

paper cutter

hole punch

and a marker to draw the - to divide the score

i decided to add more suitability to the numbers by making it a L shape (pic 2)

Step 3: Draw the Numbers

this is really simple you just draw the numbers 1 to 9 on the cards .

to make the 10 to 90 you just flip the card over so you can write on the other side.

just repeat this step and BOOM You have a score board all that is left to do is ...........

Step 4: Play a Game

Yes, the last step is the most fun one using it. because it is simple to folds up you can take it anywhere and at any time . and a score board looks cool to



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