Framed Hand-print With Yarn and Cardboard

Hi friends, this is the begining of another phase . Till today i was only creating things but never posted. In my first post i tried to save memory forever....I framed my sons handprint and footprint using yarn...its very simple and lovely can be done by using a very few things..I hope u all will like it..

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Step 1: Things Required

all we need is
1. yarn
2. school glue
3. paint brush
4. handprint molded on any clay
5. cardboard/ hardboard for base
6. cardboard to make frame

Step 2: Place Handprint and Cut Frame

place and glue handprint in the centr...then taking a cardboard cut a frame 3 cm width or according to yr choice

Step 3: Yarn Placement

apply glue as shown in the picture and spread with brush. Then start pasting yarn from a point and roll it on the outskirts of handprint. continue this

Step 4: Shaping

glue yarn as shown in the picture.

Step 5: Making Frame

take the cardboard cutout for frame and glue yarn at the back . Now roll yarn carefully on frame as shown in the picture. Corners may be a little tricky..if corners become thick then dont worry try to press a little to settle

Step 6: Final Assembly

glue frame on main board...hola its ready

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