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get information-go to website and download PJ Kellys book, I suggest you read the index, which will introduce you to the why's and how's. Read chapter 16 for opinion on viable projects. Read chapter 15 for opinion on how and why we've been dupped. This FREE book contains 2500 + pages of research, patents, info on suppressed information. This book is updated monthly and you can download it by chapters and I would suggest you start with index, c-15, & c-16. These files will point you to areas and people to research and follow up on. There are people who have done things that mainstream science says are impossible, patents that have been issued and peoples research suppressed.

My current areas of personal research are motionless pulsed systems...per Tesla/Smith and HHO hydrolysers per Meyers and Boyce and I will be posting my progress here.

I found another site that deals with suppressed information. WATCH the video, then discuss and inform. 

Step 1: Where to Find Free Parts

Discarded microwave ovens- bonanza....every microwave contains 2 magnets on the magnetron that are useable, the primary off of the power transformer can be removed by cutting the welds with a dremmel tool or grinder... this coil can be used as is or unwound and rewound onto a form of your choice...roughly 1/4 pound of 20-26 ga enameled wire. there is also a high voltage diode and capacitor.
The power transformer can be used for a spark gap driver on Tesla projects.
Discarded mercury arc lamp transformers (old yard&street lights) ...enameled wire from cores
Discarded TV's ... power transistors, diodes, ferrite forms. yoke coil wire and ferrite 
Computer hard drives...contain small neomidium magnets in the head positioner, the magnets I removed from 3- 10 gig "Cheatah" drives from a discarded Compac server were large enough- 1/4x5/8x1&1/2" and strong enough  to make a 500w generator
Discarded bar and kitchen equipment provides stainless steel for HHO hydrolysers, tanks for storage etc.

Step 2: Take Them Apart

You can see the weld lines on the transformers, it is only 1/16-1/8 inch deep....if you grind through them, the blocks of laminations come apart and you can support the coils and use a small block of wood to tap the laminations from the coils.
If you look at the magnetron, the tabs that hold it together should be evident, I've found the easiest way do deal with these is a small cutoff disk in the dremmel tool.  Then spread the sides, cut the filement wires and pull the magnets.
The fan also provides a small coil. The hv diode is usually on the capacitor, the hvparts are in the 1800-2500 volt range



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