Do Your Own Water Art!

How to create your own water art, me and my friend came up with this idea one day while we were launching tennis balls is the back yard, we wanted to create something pressurized that be easily made by the average Joe, thus we created the water gun.

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Step 1: IItems!

what you are going to need is:

-fire extinguisher 0-30$ i found mine in the trash!

- Tire valve stem 0-3$ (nicely ask the guys in the garage at sears)

- Glue 1-5$ (can be JB weld, super glue, epoxy, gorilla glue, or any high pressure rated glue)

- pliers

-air compressor and water source (all can be used for free at gas stations)

-drill or drill press (drill press is preferred)

-small drill bit (depends on your preference)

Let's move on!

Step 2: Step 2

Start off buy taking the hose off, it should just be threaded on.
Now take your valve stem and by using your pliers screw it into the empty hole until it cannot go any further.

Step 3: Glue

apple a even amount of glue to the threads, let dry.

Step 4: Nozzle

Take the cap from the valve and drill a small hole into the center, use a very small drill bit but again its your preference i like a very small hole for a small stream.

Step 5: Fill

fill the tank 3/4 full of water (or whatever you decide to fill it with) mine was 2 liters so 1.5 liters should do it.

Step 6: Pressurize

while holding down the handle of fire extinguisher fill it with whatever air source you want i used and air compressor, fill it until it reaches the green zone.

Step 7: Go!

attach your nozzle and put in the pin and go around town and spray it on fences streets or walls, its just water!

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    I have been doing this kind of thing for years... usually with pre-heated liquid and snow. *(It's all about spelling the name)