French Market Bag

this bag is made on 32 inch circular needles, size US7. i used patons wool gray and then i needle- felted the bag with yarn scraps. it is a very open bag, useful for carrying knitting or crafts.

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    7 Discussions

    Here's the pattern:

    I'm not sure why the original poster didn't post the link? 

    I know because I made one about 6 years ago or so.  The designer gives the explanation for the name at the beginning of the pattern 

    Sarafish the bottom is actually round, loosely based on French Market Baskets.  All the questions you ask are answered at  My only regret was in not making it larger, common error of a first time felter!  It's nice for very small knitting projects.  If you're a sock knitter then it's the perfect size, especially for keeping on your wrist while you knit your sock.


    10 years ago on Introduction

     cute bag, anything more for instructions though? full dimensions , a pattern perhaps? something to help me make it other than sight?
    how did you square out the bottom? where did you place the handles? how big is it before felting? how big is the opening for the top?

    hello, just a question, i'm french and i don't understand what make this bag french ? or maybe i should read " french market" bag , in this case, what is a french market ?