French Tip Makers !

About: i love to play piano,and I love art

this is my own way to make b-e-a-u-tiful french tips.

now to give the desired round moon shape you always look for you can use cheap (about 2.00$) price tag circle stickers.
cut the stickers in half because it a lot easier to apply. *
put the sticker on as shown, and rub to ensure it's on corectly.
now add your desired color,( i used red for a christmas look). but white is most perfered.
wait at least 30 seconds before removing each sticker,BUT MAKE SURE IT DOSENT DRY OR IT WILL ALL PEEL OF !
now use a nail brush or Q-tip to clean the edges as shown,add a little sparkle and wha-la! your done.

                                                      RANDOM FACT FOR THIS INSTRUCTABLE!
                                         did you know caramel was originally made for hair removable perposes.(waxing)
                                                                                  your hulariouse freind, PIANOLOVER10124353



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    5 years ago

    Aw! That is so cute!