Froggy B-ball Pocket Game





Introduction: Froggy B-ball Pocket Game

this little game can keep me, or at least kids, amused for hours. its quaint design and cute peices are cool, too.

Step 1: The Materials.

you need:
paper or stiff card,
a small box.
hole punch(opt)

Step 2: The Peices

the little froggies are origami. to make them, cut the card (or paper) into rectangles.fold diagonnaly from each corner, flip it over, fold it back across the X formed. fold that down, the corners come p, the sides turn in, and fold up the bottom. :D a little unclear? look at the pics.

Step 3: The Hoop

to make the hoop, cut it out of more stiff card. cutting out the centre is tricky, but try punching the hole out first. be sure it is big enough to easily allow the froggies to pass through.

Step 4: Complete the Court

tape the hoop to the inside of the lid of the box.

Step 5: PLAY!

BATTLE ROYALE. stick an even number of each team of froggies in the box, then anywhere you have a flat place, whip out froggy b-ball! jump the frogs through the hoop with your index finger.



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    6 Discussions

    I like this design very much but the frogs won't jump through the hoop for me + show more details but I love this and it is very cool

     What does "the corners come p" mean? Oh, and can you tell me a little more clearly how to make the frogs?

    1 reply

    Nice little pocket game! Nice to have when my parents are in some meeting and I just have to sit.

    1 reply