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hi im pianolover10124353,
                         me and my mom are very fasinated in growing fruits and veggies,even here in the 115 degree weather.
                         and on christmas it was 95 degrees! so growing plants are very hard here where i live. and it only rains only about
                             20 times a year. and when it does rain it is only for a couple min.

                because of the warm weather more birds such as grackle,sparros,ect. come here more often, eating all are fruits and veggies.
so i came up with a solution. take a pair of panty hose and cut the ends where you put your feet right off. then you can slip it right over your helpless fruits and veggies. the panty hose expands allowing your stock to grow normally. the birds,rabbits and sometimes bugs away for good.
                                     to get more slip overs cut the legs of the panty hose about 8inches each then tie the ends making even more to use!
                                                       hope this can inpress you wonderfull judges, 
                                                                                                                              your freind pianolover10124353

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